LEX Accounts Layout

Accounts in Lightning Experience

Account means : Organization with an established relationship to your company. Synonyms names : Clients, Customer For each Accounts, you can store related information such as Account summary ( opportunities amount ) Contacts,opportunities, Client History, Open activities, tasks, meeting, Log call, READ MORE

LEX Lead Changed Status

How to change Lead Status in Lightning Experience ?

Definition of “Lead Status” : A real time updates of any lead. Lead Status is Standard field of Salesforce. You can’t remove it but you can change value. Example of Lead Status : Open – Not Contacted – Lead created by READ MORE

LEX New Event

How to do New Event to Lead in Lightning Experience ?

Applications of New Event : When you are going for below event you can create New Event Meeting Demo Visit Presentation When you are going for full day or particular time or date Advantages to New Event : Track your Events you can assign READ MORE

LEX Log a Call

How to do Log a Call to Lead in Lightning Experience ?

Applications of Log a Call : When you are calling for that particular lead When you are doing activity for that particular lead When you finished any activity and you want to log Advantages to Log a Call : Track READ MORE

LEX Past Activity

How to Assign task to Leads in Lightning Experience ?

Assign Task Definition : Whenever you want to do any action / activities / follow up then you can assign task to yourself or your colleague, your sales team or some users. Below are few applications to assign tasks. Assign READ MORE

LEX Account Contact Opportunity

How do I convert a lead in Salesforce – Lightning Experience ?

Definition of “Convert a Lead ” : To keep the sales process moving when you qualify your leads and then convert them to contacts, accounts, or opportunities. Below are few way to enter Leads in Salesforce – Lightning Experience Manually Entry READ MORE

Home Page

How to enable Lightning Experience in Salesforce ?

Lightning Experience : Lighting is Winter ’16 release new A new, modern, and intelligent user experience for Sales cloud. Lighting Experience available in below Edition. Contact Manager Edition, Personal Edition, Database.com Edition, and Chatter.com Edition aren’t supported forLightning Experience. Customers on READ MORE