How to create Global Action in Lightning Experience?

Global Action : Create New Record, Log a call, New Task, New Event anywhere from Lightning Experience. When ever you want to perform mention action you can do it from Lead, Account, Opportunity, Case or Home page and it’s fast. Also READ MORE


How to Connect Salesforce from Microsoft OWA ( Outlook Web App ) ?

Lightning for Outlook: We can set up Sales Reps to connect Salesforce from Microsoft Outlook. Team can manage from OWA ( Outlook Web App ) also they can add email and attachments to Salesforce records. They can create Salesforce records using READ MORE

Follow up Calendar

How to create your Custom Calendar in Lightning Experience?

Custom Calendar : Do you and your users want easy tracking system ? Close Date follow up on time ? Meeting Confirmation ? all you can do with Custom Calendar. You can create your own “Custom Calendar” and setup date criteria READ MORE

Account Layout

How to Create Global Picklists?

Global Picklists : Global picklists let you share the picklist value set across objects. Base custom picklist fields on a global picklist to inherit its values. Example : Country or product picklist value you want to use for Lead, Account, READ MORE

Last Updated Days

Total Number of Contacts in Account

Total Number of Contacts in Account : Every Account have contacts and it can be one or many but we can’t get total number of Contacts in Account and easy to count number of Contacts in Account. It’s custom button READ MORE

Last Updated Days

Last Updated Opportunity Days

Last Updated Opportunity Days : Whenever any sales rep update any opportunity automatically Last Modified date changed. But we can’t get in teams of Number. Every time we have to calculate numbers of days. Instead of calculate days we can use READ MORE