Rating Process Builder

How to configure Opportunity Rating using Process Builder?

Opportunity Rating : Ones you enter / update / modify opportunity’s amount your Opportunity Rating will update automatically using Process Builder. Advantages for Opportunity Rating : Easy to follow up Arrange meeting Follow up key opportunities Rating wise reports Let’s create READ MORE

New Opportunity Highlights Panel

How to modify Opportunities highlights panel in Lightning Experience?

Opportunities highlights panel : Compact layout help user to identify the records. We can modify with all Salesforce Standard or Custom Objects. We can display five important fields to identified record. e.g. Opportunity Name, Account, Close Date, Amount, Owner. We can select READ MORE

Follow up Calendar

How to create your Custom Calendar in Lightning Experience?

Custom Calendar : Do you and your users want easy tracking system ? Close Date follow up on time ? Meeting Confirmation ? all you can do with Custom Calendar. You can create your own “Custom Calendar” and setup date criteria READ MORE

Select Fields View

How to Create List View in Lightning Experience ?

Definition of “List View” : List views make it easier to see records that are important to you. You can filter your records by field value and customize which fields to display in your list. You can create list view READ MORE

All Search Layouts

How to Customize Opportunity Search Layouts in Lightning Experience ?

Definition of “Customize Opportunity Search Layouts” : Customize which fields display for users in search results which Columns you want to display to users when they are searching. Following are few layout for Opportunity Search Layouts. Search Results Lookup Dialogs Lookup Phone Dialogs Tab READ MORE

Last Updated Days

Last Updated Opportunity Days

Last Updated Opportunity Days : Whenever any sales rep update any opportunity automatically Last Modified date changed. But we can’t get in teams of Number. Every time we have to calculate numbers of days. Instead of calculate days we can use READ MORE

Similar Opportunities

How to check Similar Opportunities?

Similar Opportunities : In Salesforce if you want to find similar opportunities from your entire organization. Below is layout of it. In above page layout you can see below sections. Search Criteria : here you can select your criteria like : Account READ MORE