LinkedIn Contact

How to Create LinkedIn Search in your contacts with custom link in Lightning Experience ?

LinkedIn Search custom link : If you wish to search your contact in LinkedIn search then we need to create custom link in contact. Ones you added link into contact page layout then you are able to search your selected contacts READ MORE

Summary Formulas Report

How to Create Evaluate Report Data with Summary Formulas?

Summary Formulas: Use Formulas in Lightning Experience report builder. We can create formula as per our data and generate result. E.g.: If Sales is more then $10,000 then apply 10% Tax on Sales Amount or Apply 5%. Let’s create report. Edit Report READ MORE

Edit Subscription

How to Subscribe Dashboard in Lightning Experience?

Subscribe Dashboard: In Lightning Experience Salesforce is allowing you to Subscribe Dashboard. You will get email as per your schedule that you set (daily, weekly, monthly or days). Please note that it’s available in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions only. Let’s Subscribe READ MORE

Accounts Report

How to Enable the Lightning Report Builder (Beta)?

Lightning Report Builder (Beta): We can build Lightning reports in Lightning with lot of new features added. We can also add filters, graphs and other criteria in Lightning experience. First we need to enable this feature and then after we will READ MORE

Active Process Builder

How to update Customer Status using Process Builder ?

Customer Status: When opportunity stage closed won means this is our “Current Customer” from Prospect Customer. Let’s create process builder for this requirement. Click Setup Home Click Process Automation Click Process Builder Click Save Select “Opportunity” object Select “when a record is created or READ MORE

How to create Streams in Lightning Experience – Winter ’18?

Streams: Create your own flow of any feed of objects, records or people. E.g. If you are interested of particular Opportunity and Account then we can create Streams. So, whatever activities on that Opportunity and Account we can have a look READ MORE

How to create Service Cloud Launch Pad?

Service Cloud Launch Pad : Create and customize a console app, then assign the Service Cloud User feature license to users as per your organization branding. You can select which object you want to add in this Service Cloud Launch Pad. READ MORE